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9th April – establishing the dark areas more firmly.


Watercolour and gouche painting whilst not wearing my glasses! Result = excellent facial distortion. It’s very hard to see where the paintbrush is landing!!


Starting to define the ‘dark’ squares more definitively whilst keeping some luminosity.

Ground up mica in the ultramarine blue makes it look velvety but I don’t think it’s more luminous.

I visited the All Too Human exhibition at Tate Britain this week.   Somehow it seemed a bit incoherent and the organization of the painting’s didn’t quite work.  My favourite room was the one with Francis Bacon’s paintings.  I’m tired of Lucien Freud’s humans painted as animals.  But I did like an image of his dog which was part of a larger painting.

Over to Tate Modern and Picasso again…………………..

yIn some of the blue squares and darker squares I’ve ground up some mica in a pestle and mortar and added it to the paint.  Does mica create more luminosity?  I’m not sure yet.


Cat in the lupins.

Painting finished.

Brilliant visit  to Tate Modern to see, THE EY EXHIBITION PICASSO 1932 – LOVE, FAME, TRAGEDY.   The Exhibition exceeded my expectations in every way even though I dislike Picasso!  This was a large exhibition, Picasso was very prolific during 1932.  There are several discreet bodies of work each reflecting Picasso’s states of emotion.  Reviews of this show are generally, also very good.


Sleep, 1932

Another nice surprise was the old fashion number 11 bus that runs along The Strand.


Old London Bus, reconditioned in 2016.


Playing around with a Photo-shopped photograph.


Continue adding very thin glazes of transparent oil paints.

Much as I love the way John Caputo lectures I just cannot agree with his conclusion on what constitutes ‘truth’.  He takes the postmodern definition that any belief can be ‘truth’.  My modernist brain cannot accept this at all.  I am a science ‘bully’ as I still believe that the scientific method is the closest that we can get to ‘reality’ and therefore ‘truth’.  I’m now close reading Truth by John D. Caputo.