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Visit to Aust Cliff, Gloucestershire to have a look for the Rhaetic Bone Bed, c. 209.6 – 209.1 MA.  Late Triassic be overlain by Jurassics heralding a change from terrestrial to marine conditions.


Aust cliff. Red Triassics overlain by grey tea green marls, towards the top of the cliff. The Westbury Beds overlying the Tea Green Marls are the Rhaetic sediments that contain the bone beds.

Bristol university has posted a good description of Aust Cliff.  Here is a very good paper written about

Microvertebrates from the classic Rhaetian bone beds of  Manor Farm Quarry, near Aust (Bristol, UK). Harry Allard Simon C. Carpenter, Christopher J. Duffin & Michael J. Benton

Checking out fallen blocks on the foreshore proved to be quite productive.  As an SSSI hammering the cliff face is forbidden and probably not advisable from the safety standpoint!


Chondrichthyan teeth in the Rhaetic Bone Bed. Red arrowed teeth are approximately 0.3cm long. Blue arrow shows bony material.


Penny sized poo in the Rhaetic.


Rhaetic ripple marks, in the Westbury sandstone. Probably upside down! There is fossil debris in the embayment above the penny.


Then onwards to the Geological Association’s palaeoclimate conference.

The ‘Anthropocene’.  This term ‘bakes in’ Homo sapiens hegemony with respect to Earth and natural forces.  I don’t think that it should be considered as a valid stratigraphical term.  We don’t have the Stromatoliteocene or the Dinosaurocene.


Playing with a sensu digital brush and mini ipad.

BR2049.  Could this possibly be as good as the original BR?  I enjoyed it but it’s incredibly dystopian which is a bit depressing.  It reminded me of Mad Max.  I wonder if it’ll be referenced by artists as much as the original BR?  The most novel idea was the two replicants/robots synching.  Main theme’s are humans destruction plus the nature of reality.


5th October 2017


4th October 2017.

Attempting to get this painting back on track.


2nd October 2017

Back to the drawing board!  I scrubbed off parts of this painting with turpentine and am going to start over again.

The Gaze.  I’m becoming very interested in how video calls disrupt ‘the gaze’.  I find video calls extremely unnerving.  The reason why is obvious.  I’m looking at a piece of technology and not into the eyes of another human being in another time and in another place.

I’d like to explore this feeling of discomfort  further – but where should I start!

Me looking at you but not really looking at you because you’re in another place at another time and you’re not really looking at me because you’re looking at a screen and you’re not looking at your screen either.  What are you looking at?  Where are you?  When are you?

Dan Rosenfeld articulates and tries to solve this problem.


28th September 2017


27th September 2017

Painting is now more complex but the colours are seriously out of balance.

We paid a visit to the Etches collection, a museum in Kimmeridge, Dorset, a couple of weeks ago.  The Etches museum is based on a fossil collection built up by amateur palaeontologist, Steve Etches.  Most of his collecting was done in Kimmeridge Bay where the Upper Jurassic Kimmeridge Clay outcrops.  I was very impressed by the Museum, both inside and outside.




25th September 2017