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BBC 4, Storyville, Zero Days: Nuclear Cyber Sabotage programme available to watch online for 28 days.  This is a fascinating and scary story about cyber warfare. Stuxnet malwear was created by American and Israeli intelligence agencies to attack  part of Iran’s nuclear capability.  Digital code causes mayhem in the physical world.  Stuxnet escaped into the wild and was detected by another American agency amongst other people.

Zero Days: Nuclear Cyber Sabotage reminded me of Mimicry and Legendary Psychasthenia by Roger Caillois.  Cyber warfare,  where the malware starts attacking it’s creators.


Been through whole blog checking external links. Many links had been migrated to archive status and had to be updated. Long, tedious exercise!

December -eek – how did it get to be December so quickly?

Painting bright star based on A short introduction to astronomical image processing Hubble Image – Colour image compiled from red, green and blue filter black and white images. Hoping that painting will not end up looking like a mosaic.


Painting - oil on canvas 21" x 21" work in progress

I’ve been trying to build a metre square stretcher, even with strengthening cross bars and using my new mitre clamps it didn’t work 😦 Oh well – back to the drawing board!

digital image

Serc V JPEG image of Pillar of Creation

This SERC V image is a black and white digital image of the ‘Pillar of Creation’. this is the basis of my recent paintings.

I’ve found that Google Chrome conflicts with Photoshop.

Ben Rubin and Mark Hansen’s “Listening Post allows its audience to eavesdrop on the online world. Sampling text from thousands of chatrooms, message boards and forums, the artists have created a huge display that attempts to “hear the internet””. (BBC) Emergent behaviour = art.


Listening Post (BBC website)

Dark Noise
Leaf Noise

MA Folio – Reflections, MA Folio – Research Paper and MA Folio – Artist Statement added to blog.



According to philosopher, Quentin Meilliassoux: “what is mathematically conceivable is absolutely possible” What might this statement imply for contemporary culture? Is this a good essay title? Maybe its too general?

Earth‘s location in the Universe is utterly unremarkable, ( also Universe is thought to be flat.

Bought a black sheet to use when photographing shiny graphite drawings but did not need it for the small drawings.  Solved the masking tape spoiling the paper surface by warming the tape with a hairdryer before removing it.  Still getting graphite smudges from hands, put clean tape round fingertips before removing masking tape, helps a bit.

World wide web as a Heteropia?  Mirrors are heteropias according to Foucault, 1967.  World wide web – ultimate gloablization?  Maybe not – divided by languages/cultures.  Collapses time/space but half world asleep at any one time.  Democratic – no, need to afford equipment, need electricity/connectivity, government retricted.  World wide web, is it infinite?  No but maybe it could be infinitely extendible.  WHERE IN THE UNIVERSE ARE WE? We do not know.

The WMAP satellite measures the basic parameters of the Big Bang theory including the fate of the universe. The results suggest the geometry of the universe is flat and will expand forever. Nasa, 2009


where finitude ends and infinity begins