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Modigliani’s paintings at Tate Modern.  I’m sitting here asking myself why I don’t like  Modigliani’s paintings and sculptures.  Modigliani was a competent painter but his ideas seemed a bit shallow.  He was painting portraits in an old fashioned but heavily stylized manner when all around him were people like Picasso & Gris experimenting with ideas like cubism.  Why do so many of his sitters look as if they’ve been sucking lemons and where are their eyeballs? His nudes are soft porn and embarrassing.

Satyagraha – I quite enjoyed the first two acts but by the third I was praying for it to finish!

Experiments using ground mica mixed in with the acrylic gesso and also sprinkled on to the surface of the wet gesso.  I was hoping to increase the luminosity of the ground but I think it only made the acrylic gesso ground rough.  This is a relief as ground mica is classified as dusty material and would have meant that I should wear a mask!

Exhibition visit to see, Monochrome: Painting in Black and White, at The National Gallery.  An interesting, thought provoking and well curated exhibition (for once!).  Not the least because it made me investigate the word ‘monochrome’.  Black, white and grey are all achromatic as they have no colour.    Monochrome is used as an  adjective  having the images reproduced in tones of grey eg monochrome television.  


5th September 2017


Soutine’s works are coming to the Courtauld!  19th October 2017 – 21st January 2018.  One of my favourite artists.  I can’t wait to see these.


22nd August 2017 Watercolour and acrylic

I visited MOMA Machynlleth last week where they were having a retrospective of Roger Cecil’s artworks.  I’d never heard of Roger Cecil before and what a treat this exhibition turned out to be.    Cecil was a loner who turned down a scholarship at the Royal College of Art because he wanted to do his own thing.  Peter Wakelin of the Guardian wrote an obituary after Cecil’s death on 22nd February 2015.  Cecil was a ‘painter’s painter’ and below is a slightly ‘out of focus’ photograph of one of his large canvases.


Roger Cecil

We paid a visit to Borth beach to see the bronze aged forest.  Unfortunately a recent storm had concealed most of the forest beneath a thick layer of sand but the were a few tree stumps showing through.


Bronze aged tree stump at Borth.

The tree stumps had been concealed beneath a  layer of peat beneath the beach.  A storm swept the peat away exposing the ancient stumps.  Other images show some of the stumps cleanly sawn.  Who did this?  Was it the Bronze age people who left the remains of a wooden walkway in the area?  There are some very good photographs on the walesonline website.


I’ve been experimenting with using my mini ipad as a drawing tool.  It’s a very blunt instrument with no finesse at all. Maybe that’s a good thing and my current painting is so fiddly and exacting.  My biggest problem was releasing these images from the icloud!

Evidently Hockney uses his finger to draw using his ipad.

Development of painting:  Decisions include using a square divided into 1600 smaller squares.  Colour of each square was decided using a random number generator. Computer colours -64bit would equal 2(64power) = 1,844,600,000,000,000,000 colours.  How many colours can be produced using artists oil paints?

Finished this painting at last!