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Category Archives: practice


Playing around with a Photo-shopped photograph.


Continue adding very thin glazes of transparent oil paints.



Working on the under painting before the magic begins!



Book – Truth by John D. Caputo.  Probably the only philosophy book that I’ve ever understood.  I love this guy.  I’ve listened to many of his lectures when I was studying Meillasoux.

Painting on my mini Ipad with Brushes Redux app and a Sensu Digital Artist Brush & Stylus.  It’s quite a blunt instrument and would probably better to use a full sized Ipad.  It’s good for travelling though.


19th November 2017. I love the way that shafts of sunlight play on this painting of Neptune. Like its very own sunrise.


An early Christmas present.

Picasso’s Guernica was the subject of In our Time on Radio 4, yesterday.   It was mentioned that Picasso used ground glass when preparing his canvasses and this increased the luminosity of the paint prefiguring TV and other forms of image lit from behind.  I had a look round and have found a wealth of powdered mediums supplied by Jackson’s.  I’d like to try using some of these.

I’ve been trying to discover more about Chiam Soutine’s life.  Information is very hard to come by.  Chiam Soutine (best of) by Klaus H. Carl looks like a useful book.

Just finished reading The Emerald Planet, How Plants Changed Earth’s History by David Berling.  Really interesting book about how evolving plant life interacted with the Earth, sea and atmosphere.  Explains how the gasous mix in the atmosphere is constantly changing and how feedback mechanisms are thought to work.   It also tackled the question I had about palaeo atmospheric pressure.   It is proposed that atmospheric pressure was higher 300MA, in the Carbonferous and that this led to the evolution of giant insects.


30th October 2017

Quite interested to see Waldemar Januszczak criticize the use of the term ‘practice’ in art galleries.  Culture section of the Sunday Times this weekend.  He’s describing information about Cezanne’s Portraits at The National Portrait Gallery:  “Cezannes practice of portraiture”.  Januszczak says that “Practice is art world jargon borrowed from the medical profession.”  I think that Januszczak is incorrect.

Practice:  The customary, habitual, or expected procedure or way of doing of something.

This use seems entirely appropriate.

I had my photograph taken at a photographic exhibition this weekend.  When asked to smile I should have said ‘Madonna’s don’t smile’ instead of ‘I hate smiling’!



26th October 2017


24th October 2017 

Starting to tackle the composition/colour balance problems.