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Category Archives: heteropias

Busy Saturday down in Sussex. Drove up to Monks House, home of Virginia and Leonard Woolfe. Walked in the pouring rain to the River Ouse to see where Virginia Woolfe drowned herself – very sad.

We then went to the fishmongers at Newhaven before having lunch on the seafront.

After lunch we went to Charlestone House, rural home of member of the Bloomsbury Group. Had a one hour tour of the house by a very informative guide. It was interesting to hear how the ‘in crowd’ of their day lived their lives. Even today their arrangements would be considered to be unconventional. This was the first time that I’d heard of the Omega workshops.


The Flying Dutchman – Wagner. A spectacle, but too close to a musical for my liking.

I’m trying to understand Laruelle’s philosophy. According to Ray Brassier in Axiomatic Heresy The non-philosophy of François Laruelle -‘a thinker who has a serious claim to being the most important unknown philosopher working in Europe today: François Laruelle’

Brassier describes Laruelle’s ‘Non-philosophy is a theor-etical practice of philosophy proceeding by way of transcendental axioms and producing theorems which are philosophically uninterpretable.’ HERE

Okay – I give up!

Garden of Eden or scene from the Antichrist?


Visited the Retrospective exhibition of the paintings of Jessie Mahtani at the Guildford House Gallery yesterday. Jessie’s beautiful paintings embody ‘time’ in a very literal sense. Jessie’s work reminds me of the artworks of Gwen John. Gwen John also studied at the Slade and then in Paris.


I want one!

Reading Tolkeins biography and thinking about Lord of the Rings and other worlds. Also need to complete black & white film and get it developed. Thinking about Friday’s tutorial. I have nearly finished my dissertation. I’m sticking to 5000 words, I’ve decided not to extend to 7000, there’s only 10% in the marks anyway.

Reading – South The Endurance Expedition by Ernest Shackleton, ‘one of the most harrowing survivial stories of all time’ (Junger)
Trying to locate a UK based historical astrophotographic archive? Have sorted out electric erasers, rechargable batteries (to save on battery costs) & spare erasers plus new cans of fixative (hairspray).