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New Scientist 3rd January 2015, p26
The Secret Life of Reality by Michael Brooks

This article outlines how Quantum Theory cannot be reconciled with General Relativity and speculates how mass distorts space and time due to the attractive force of gravity. Superposition allows quantum objects to split their existence, characteristics and properties between spatial locations, different kinds of movement or even between different particles entirely. Interferometer experiments demonstrate superposition and quantum coherance. Decoherence is the falling apart of quantum coherance and can be caused by the mere presence of detectors. There is speculation that decoherance is caused by information loss as well as larger mass or the presence of detectors.

Interference patterns have been made with molecules comprising of up to 800 atoms. Larger collections of atoms seem unable to exist in superposition therefore general relativity rules. The more massive the collection of atoms the shorter their superposition.

Q. In superposition does an atom’s mass create two separate distortions in space and time? Apparently superposition of two gravitation fields is illegal according to Roger Penrose. (Illegal = strange anthropomorphic use of language)

Q. Does a moving atom in superposition experience time dilation along two separate paths.

Luckily experimental physicists are working on these questions and hopefully we might have answers within the next ten years.


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