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Had a fantastic day out at Smokejack Brickpit.  In the 1980’s a new species of dinosaur Baryonyx walkerii was discovered here.  The lower Wealden sediments here are quarried for brickmaking.  The pit is designated as an SSSI, from the designation document:

“The site consists of a pit in the lower Weald Clay Group, probably near the Hauterivian-Barremian boundary. Important for depositional environments and faunas, its dark to light grey and brown clays with siderite concretions have yielded insects, ostracods, molluscs, fish, articulated and disarticulated bones of reptiles, and numerous gastroliths.”

The depositional environment was lagoonal so many different facies are represented.   The fossil bones that I collected were from a thin, dark, carbonaceous seam near the top of the pit.



All the pieces of fossilized bone that I collected from Smokejack Brickpit. I’ve been able to join some pieces using superglue. Now awaiting identification from the experts at The Natural History Museum.

Of all the different bits of bone the piece below is likely to be diagnostic.


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