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Monthly Archives: May 2017




22nd May 2017

What to do about the ‘edge’?

Doing a bit more work on this painting.  Just crisping things up and exploring the use of a different pallet.  I’ve been using some of the azo dye pigments ie. the lake colours and wow they’re strong, especially the scarlet lake.  The tiniest bit of this paint just overpowers everything:  use with great care!


Back to painting of planet Neptune which needs some self-referential colour tweeking. The edges of the object also need to be aliased.



Development of painting:  Decisions include using a square divided into 1600 smaller squares.  Colour of each square was decided using a random number generator. Computer colours -64bit would equal 2(64power) = 1,844,600,000,000,000,000 colours.  How many colours can be produced using artists oil paints?

Finished this painting at last!




Back to explorations of quasi-randomness that I started two years ago.

It’s been dry here for weeks and weeks, no April showers.  Today it’s 1st May and it’s been raining.  time to plant out my seedlings.