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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Nearly got tripped up by a Howard Hodgkin TV program but then I realized that it was a repeat from 2006!



The sun has parallel rays – needs tweeking!


27 days left to watch Paula Rego: Secrets and Stories on BBC 2 Iplayer.  I find Rego’s work quite fascinating and the story of her life is equally interesting and astonishing.  Both narrative and symbolic you would think that it had no place in the post, post-modern era.  The TV program was made by her son and quite a shocker!

Lowenna Waters wrote a review for The Telegraph newpaper:  “Throughout her life art has been her weapon, her strength and her voice, her power. She has used drawing as a way of expressing the truth about a situation, her real thoughts and feelings, whereas in real life she has capitulated and avoided conflict, she says.”

‘All about my mother:  the demons of Paula Rego – by her son’ is the title of a review written by Juliet Rix for The Guardian newspaper.  Juliet concludes that the motivation for this film was to get his mother’s attention just as he had tried to do via drawings when he was a child.

Rego suffers from depression and this seems to be the only thing that she feels ashamed of. Paula Rego, Works on Paper:  The Depression Series were produced in 2006-2007 as she drew her way out of an episode of depression.  That’s the power of art as therapy.  Her candidness reminds me of Tracey Emin.


Work in progress – going all Turneresque.


Going backwards to go forwards! I need to re-establish the fine grid.


Natures ‘vanitas’. Beach under Stonebarrow Hill, Dorset.


Field in Somerset underlain by incredibly fossiliferous Pliesbachian/Toarcian Beacon Limestone. Many happy hours spent here looking for ammonites and brachiopods. (annoying shadow on right!)



Change of plan with this painting. I scrubbed off the most recent layers using turpentine. I’ve drawn a tighter grid and plan to paint in the style of the Mars Pizza Painting ie. in a much more layered and pixellated manner.


WordPress ‘More options’ menu has a box titled slug!   Well I hate slugs!  This slug is the  URL-friendly version of the post title.  Why’s it called a slug?

Check out these lovely fossils:

A warning from nature:  Mount Etna eruption.


Golden Cap in the distance shrouded by low cloud.

Walking around the base of Golden Cap I kept hearing small slides of mud & stones falling down.  When I turned around to walk back to Charmouth there was a sudden large fall from the cliffs!  Luckily we were further down the beach when it happened.  I was surprised about how far the rocks and stones bounced.  Quite spooky and unnerving.  It’s as if the cliffs are alive.


St Gabriel’s steps destroyed (again) by a recent landslide.

Somerset landscape – Avalon Marshes. I prefer the underpainting on the left.  This painted from a photograph.  I usually like to paint from ‘life’.


This is what painting cowards do!!!




On the left is a slightly scaled up painting based on the original painting on the right. The left had painting started as a watercolour and I then moved on to overpaint it with acrylic.  It has a slightly more ‘finished’ look than the original sketch but hasn’t really developed in a satisfactory manner.