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Monthly Archives: February 2017

A trip to the Arctic – Sketches and small watercolour paintings.



Underglazing for new painting of the planet Neptune.

Revisiting old times:  I’ve been sorting out my image filing which is terrible>non existant.  In doing so its taken me back to the rationale behind some of my paintings and that has helped me to figure out what to do next.

I want to get back to my pixellated paintings and plan a series  using images of the planets.  I’ve been making decisions around proportion and pixels per inch.  I also want to make better use of oil painting glazing techniques.

I think that I’m going to use and image of the planet Neptune first.  This image of Neptune is on The Hubble Website.


Photograph of Neptune courtesy of Hubble Space Telescope.


1st February 2017

Francis Bacon – A Brush with Violence, BBC 2, Guardian review.

I’ve been trying to identify an unknown astronomical image that I’ve kept for future reference.  So I’ve been searching by image using google.  Amazingly it identified the image (from Hubble Deep Field) immediately which I thought was very impressive.

I then tried searching using a photograph of myself and it came up with ‘person’ which is very reassuring.  Less welcome were the ‘similar photographs’ that were mostly of men!

I need  to sort out my image and image filing asap.