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Monthly Archives: January 2017




Some very strange and rather wonderful ice crystal fern patterns on an outside table.

I was listening to the radio yesterday evening and came across FutureProofing on BBC Radio 4.  This weeks programme, a repeat, was about Art.

“Art may not survive the 21st century as a separate, meaningful category – according to one of the UK’s foremost art teachers.”  That teacher is Professor Richard Williams of University of Edinburgh who is head of History of Art and teaches ‘contemporary cities’. Everybody has access to digital technology and can produce ‘art’.  If everyone is an artist where does that leave art?  Apparently art as a category has only existed for the past 150 years according to Williams.

Apparently the internet unframes art.  Critical theory is now investigating artists strategies of dissapearance, using for example, unsearchable names on the world wide web.  This leaves us spectating ourselves!  NON ART (28 minures in).  I’m at the forefront of this!  There is an interview with Dianne Bauer, about 3/4 way through who says that wonder and the sublime can only be found in science.  Bauer implies that the art world is completely disenchanted.

Check out Bauer’s Fixing the Future it all ties into speculative realism.  I need time to check this our properly.


Testing Derwent Waterbrushes. I reckon that these brushes are pretty good. I’m going to have loads of fun using them.


“If you have a good theory, forget about the reality.”


Zizek would vote for Trump!  Here’s why.

Apparently he’s been banned by The Guardian!!!  Nine minutes into the lecture, Slavoj Žižek – What the Liberal Left Doesn’t Want to Hear (Nov. 2016).

Slavoj Žižek: ‘We are all basically evil, egotistical, disgusting’ published in the Guardian on 10th December 2016.

What’s going on?  Is he or is he not banned from publishing in the Guardian?


BBC 4, Storyville, Zero Days: Nuclear Cyber Sabotage programme available to watch online for 28 days.  This is a fascinating and scary story about cyber warfare. Stuxnet malwear was created by American and Israeli intelligence agencies to attack  part of Iran’s nuclear capability.  Digital code causes mayhem in the physical world.  Stuxnet escaped into the wild and was detected by another American agency amongst other people.

Zero Days: Nuclear Cyber Sabotage reminded me of Mimicry and Legendary Psychasthenia by Roger Caillois.  Cyber warfare,  where the malware starts attacking it’s creators.


16th January 2017


Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams in conversation with Alain Badiou if you have two and a half hours to spare!  More and more jobs are being automated – discussions about the left’s response to a world without work.  Listening Badiou is hard work!!  I’m beginning to think that a universal basic wage might be the only way forward.

Zizek would vote for Trump!  Here’s why.

Apparently he’s been banned by The Guardian!!!  Nine minutes into lecture.


Reworking the centre of the nebula by erasing using turps. then repainting.


10th January 2016

I’m re-reading Heaven and Earth, Global Warming:  the missing science by Ian Plimer.  Plimer articulates why he is a climate change skeptic.   The views that he presents are similar to my own views on the matter so there is definite confirmation bias here.  He presents his arguments in a much clearer fashion that I am able.

I recently watched the BBC2 programme Yellowstone.  One of the presenters was Kate Humble.  She said the words ‘climate change’ in every other sentence.  Give it a rest for pity’s sake, Kate.  Yellowstone is getting warmer.  Some of the plants and animals are stressed and may dissapear from Yellowstone.  Most will migrate to other places where the climate is more suitable for them.  If they cannot find such a place they may become extinct.  This has always happened and will always happen.

I believe that humans may well affect the climate but there are bigger things happening that we simply cannot control and may not even have recognised as yet, or ever.  Should we modify our behaviour and live frugal (relatively) lives and not waste resources?   Yes I believe we should but mine is a moral opinion and is nothing to do with ‘climate change science’!