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Monthly Archives: December 2016



Bit too much reflection from the dark areas.


29th December 2016. painting progress.

Two fossils collected from Hastingsleigh, Kent on Boxing Day.  Each is the size of a two pence piece.


There are some advantages to being laid low with a nasty cold.  I spent this morning watching BBC2’s Robert Rauschenberg – Pop Art Pioneer, presented by Alistair Sooke.  I don’t like pop art much but Robert Rauschenberg’s art was a huge eye opener.  What an incredibly creative, innovative and talented individual!  There’s only 29 days left to watch this programme and I suggest that you do so asap.    Robert Rauchenberg’s retrospective at the Tate Modern now seems a bit more appealing (Until I saw the price for entry £18.50!!!!!)

Check out the specs. just after 30 minutes in.  That lady looks so brilliant!

Went to see Kula Shaker in Guildford.  Nice enjoyable gig.  Rehabilitated, lead singer, Crispian Mills has the most amazing voice range.  He almost sounds like a counter-tennor. Maybe he was ahead of his time in the 1990’s.  Perhaps he fits in better in these post-truth, populist times?

The furor – from The Independent 2007.  (I’ve only just twigged that Mills is/was a controversial figure.)


Working from photographs:

These paintings (below) are okay but it’s not my forte.