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Monthly Archives: October 2016




Using two mirrors to get more interesting angles.


No specs.

Jean-Michel Jarre at the Brighton Centre.  Amazing light spectacle but the audience seemed strangely unresponsive.  Really this show was about drawing and painting using light.  The music was secondary (and dated).  I wasn’t the only person to notice how flat things were.  Thomas H Green. writing a review for noticed too.   Maybe this sort of spectacle needs to be released into the wild – it’s better suited to music festivals.


Messing around with watercolours.

Brilliant weekend of Geology on the Dorset/Devon coast with the Geological Association.


The dark clays to the left of the photograph are Gault clays, The light rock to the right is Rhaetic-Lower Jurassic. This boundary is unconformable and 100 million years of sediments are missing. It is thought that 60 million years of deposition occured and for the next 40 million years these sediments were worn away.