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Monthly Archives: September 2016

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No spectacles,. This is the way to go. It stops unnecessary fiddling.

I have a dental abscess.  Why are my teeth dying before the rest of my body?

Just went to see Kubo and the Two Strings at the cinema.  What an enchanting story!  Usual storyline of good v evil.  Humans = good, nature = bad.  Outstanding animation (I’m usually not very keen on animation).  Different voice overs for the characters would have been better IMHO.  Wendy Ide writes a very favorable review for the Observer newspaper.

Finished reading Eric Gill by Fiona McCarthy.   Gill is a self-confessed paedophile. He might have been a genius but this is no excuse for his reprehensible behaviour. Close down his museum & write him out of the history books! Horrid little wierdo.  Fiona McCarthy writing about Gill for the Guardian newspaper.

Two days of fantastic weather this week, temperatures in the thirty’s!  Visited Laycock Abbey, home of Henry Fox Talbot, inventor of salted paper and calotype techniques.  Fascinating building and interesting exhibition about Fox Talbot’s work.  Nicéphore Niépce’s contribution to the invention of photography seems to have been slightly dismissed in the exhibition.  His work predates Fox Talbot and Duguerre and he is the founder of photography.

Also visited some of Avebury’s, numerous  ancient remains.  The village itself is located around a neolithic henge that is quite fascinating and stunning.  Even older are Silbury Hill and West Kennet Longbarrow.

Turns out that there’s a barrow  about a quarter of a mile from where I live and I wasn’t aware of it before today!


No specs! Way to go stops all fiddling. Only problem is seeing double!


Image painted without observation. But always with Chiam Soutine in mind.





Just one more slight tweek on the nose!

Ray Brassier has defeated me again.  This is the third time that I’ve tried to read Nihil Unbound.  A background in philosophy might help but I find the language that he uses quite obtuse.  Why use a simple, common word when you can find an obscure uncommon one to use?

Good scientific writing strives to be intelligible although inevitably specific terminology must be utilized.  I would argue that this is not the case in philosophy.  Obscurantism is both necessary and unhelpful in this context.  If you have to write in this way to justify your thoughts then you are not communicating well!

Ray Brassier interviewed by Marcin Rychter for Kronos actually explains Brassiers philosophical position in an understandable way:

I am a nihilist because I still believe in truth.

“Very simply, nihilism is a crisis of meaning.”

“Galaxies, molecules, and organisms are not for anything.”

“human rationality has gradually abandoned mythology, which is basically the interpretation of reality in narrative terms.”

“existentialists thought it was still possible for human consciousness to provide the meaning that was absent from nature”

“I think that it is possible to understand the meaninglessness of existence”

“empirical science sets out from a stock of commonsensical assumptions but attains increasingly counter-intuitive results that often challenge the manifest image of reality from which it started.”