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Monthly Archives: August 2016

empty form of death


OH captured an image of NCG 7814 last night.  This is the galaxy I referenced when I did my final MA project.   Authenticity is one of the factors that I was considering and the fact that I used images from the World Wide Web was a problem.  Well it’s taken six years to fix that problem with authentic photographs taken in my garden! Fantastic.



I’ve been reading too much Nihil Unbound! The neckline of the tee shirt jars. Need to adjust asap.  Plus the neck/body area.


Playing around with watercolours & gouache.

Getting back into the painting mood using watercolour and gouache paint.

I also sorted out and threw away some fossils and flints.  It really pains me to do this.  I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to geological specimens.  (They’re only down the garden so I can easily re-collect them!)



Paid a short visit to Ditchling Museum of Art and Craft.  Must admit that I feel conflicted about this museum given it’s association with Eric Gill.

Their latest exhibition is Signs of Ditchling: a tradition of lettering from 1800 to the present day.  Marking the centenary of Edward Johnston’s typeface for the London Underground this exhibition was disappointing.  The exhibits were incoherent and lacking good explanations.  Oliver Wainwright of the Guardian seemed to enjoy the exhibition though. HERE is his review.  Quite and achievement to have designed such a clean and enduring font, amazing work by Johnston.I didn’t realise that Gill Sans was so closely based on Johnson’s underground fonts.  More black marks for Eric Gill.

The contemporary Bob & Roberta Smith piece at the entrance just seemed gratuitous.


Bob & Roberta Smith, Communication. (GCSE result D – could do better)


NGC3314 a and b. Final drawing.

The material used to make this drawing is fusain or lignite collected from Cliff End, Pett Level where there is a thin seam of conglomerate in the Wadhurst Clay called the Cliff End Bone Bed.  Approximately 140 million years old, the Cliff End Bone Bed was deposited when the light that we see now, left from NGC3314b (the farthest away galaxy).  Ie. we are looking back in time at how things were in galaxy NGC3314b, 140 million years ago.

The closer galaxy NGC3314a is approximately 117 million light years away from Earth.  The light from NGC3314b illuminates  the dust lanes of galaxy NGC3314a.  These galaxies are so far apart that they have no influence on each other.  From the perspective of Earth they appear to be a pair.

Back to trying to read Nihil Unbound for the third time!!!


Nearly finished.


NGC3314 Drawing using fossil fusain/lignite. NGC3314a is 117 Million Light Years away and NGC3314b is 140 Million Light Years away. Both are in the constellation Hydra but are separated by 23 Million Light Years.

Two drawings made using fossilized plant material.  Probably conifer tree trunks. The image on the right is made using material that is 100 million years older than that used to make the left hand image.  The material used to draw the right hand image is brown in colour and may be lignite whereas that on the left is black, carbonised wood or fusain.


NGC 3314 a and b. Two galaxies lying 23 million light years apart. NCG 3314a is 117 million light years from earth and NGC3314b is 149 million light years from earth. Start of drawing using 140 million year old carbonaceous material from the bone beds at Pett Level.


The Big Steam Print, Brighton.