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Monthly Archives: May 2016

King King and Dan Patlansky at The Hawth Theatre, Crawley.  Rare to see two excellent bands together.  Really good night out.  But what was that weird amplifier with King King’s Hammond organ?  Wooden frame with a rotating drum in the bottom part and rotating horns in the top part?


Back to some art with a visit to see some stone masonry and woodcarving at The City and Guilds Art School.  There’s not many places left where you can learn these traditional skills so this is a bit of a treat.

Greengrassi Gallery is very close to The City and Guilds Art School so I popped it to have a look at Tomma Abts latest drawings and paintings.  This gallery is located within a large housing estate and is incredibly difficult to find.  There is no signage on the door so that makes it finding it doubly difficult.  The gallery is in a very strange location!

Tomma’s work is as intricate and interesting as ever.  She has developed her paintings since I was last here in 2011.  Her canvases are still small and portrait orientation, mostly geometric shapes but with a few more organic ones.  They comprise up to 60 layers of paint, acrylic and oil.  Traces of earlier layers are often visible.  I’m beginning to think of her works as geological.  Paintings are not pre-planned but they develop.


Groen/Welf, 2015 acrylic + oil on canvas 48 x 38 cm

We were told that she paints all her works freehand with no grids to work from.  She must be the most incredible draughtsperson with exceptional eye/hand co-ordination.  I’d be interested to watch her paint.