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Monthly Archives: January 2016


Visited White Cube Bermondsey yesterday.  Tightrope Walk – Painted Images after Abstraction, despite Adrian Searle’s  positive review for The Guardian Newspaper, seemed to me, to be a bit of a mish-mash.  There was too much stuff!  It’s interesting to see a wide breadth of ways of working though.  I really like Searle’s description of De Keyser’s paintings, ‘His paintings become like a membrane through which the world ebbs and flows, a permeable skin between the exterior and the mind.’  This is a good description of all paintings.  The big problem is understanding what’s going on in somebody else’s mind.

Far more amusing was Gilbert and George’s The Banners Exhibition.

Hannah Ellis-Petersen sums up these naughty rogues exhibition in a review for The Guardian Newspaper.  This Exhibition made me laugh.  Even more interesting (to me) was the booklet that accompanied their exhibition.  Signed copies were available at the White Cube’s bookstore.  Was this simply a print of their signature?  No, close inspection showed that they really had signed these catalogues.

Had they both contributed to the signatures?  Apparently yes they had!  They have a system I was told.  First George signs and George X, then Gilbert writes With Love From X Gilbert.  The signed book is closed and placed on the pile.  This is their tried and tested way of signing things and cannot be deviated from!!



Ammonites from the new landslip at Charmouth.

Upper left is caenisites-turneri, zonal ammonites for, Lower Lias  Shales-with-Beef strata.


Ammonites and brachiopods from Ilminster.

I’ve started a new painting  based on an image of the Andromeda Galaxy.


M31 Andromeda Galaxy WO GT 81 + modded Canon 550D + FF | 9 x 120 secs @ ISO 1,600 | 19th September 2015.  (thanks to watchthisspaceman)

Much work in Photoshop involving multiple phases of compression have produced the image on which my painting is based.  It’s becoming clear that using a digital projector would be very helpful for transferring my digital image to the canvas.

I’ve been following a Coursera course, Introduction to Philosophy.  I’m finding it very helpful but challenging!  The area that I’m interested in is science and I’m hoping to get a clearer understanding of Meillassoux’s hypothesis.



Very windy and wet on the clifftops near Swanage.

Unfortunately the weather was too bad to go fossil collecting but there’s a new cliff collapse near Charmouth that I’d like to visit.