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Monthly Archives: December 2015


Doodling whilst I think about how to progress.


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Postcapitalism A Guide to our Future.


I’ve just finished reading Paul Mason’s book – Postcapitalism – A Guide to our Future.  Paul Mason is the economics editor for Channel 4 News.  Chris Mullin writes a Guardian newspaper review that explains Mason’s hypothesis.  Telegraph review by Liam Halligan.  Best review of all IMO. for the Independent newspaper by Hamish McRae.

I enjoyed reading this book but found bits of it difficult.  Particularly the theory of labour.  In essence Mason says that neoliberalism is broken and cannot provide a good future for all.

We have to take account of three huge problems:  the effects of our changing climate,  humongous debt and demographic problems, namely huge population growth and aging populations.

Solutions:  reduce carbon emissions – fast,  stabilize the financial system by socializing it and prioritize information rich technologies to deliver high levels of material prosperity for the majority and use it to solve major social challenges.

At the end of the book Mason postulates that the Western elite will evolve into pure and undisguised oligarchy but the good new is that the 99% are coming to the rescue and postcapitalism will set you free.  This is a vision of utopia.

I hope that Paul Mason is right but it’s not going to be an easy journey.  One interesting thing to note is that Mason proposes that a low wage economy stifles innovation.  This may put a stop any transformation.

Several other problems are looming on the horizon:

Antibiotic resistance – unless we find a solution fast superbugs will change our demographics dramatically.

Climate change – changes are more dramatic than predicted and cause bigger problems than predicted and we can do nothing about natural changes such as volcanic gasses entering our atmosphere.  Earth’s climate has always been changing – Permian snowball earth to Tertiary warming (Paleocene/Eocene boundary).  All long before humans had even evolved.

Civil unrest and/or wars.




How did it get to be December?   Spot the difference.