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Monthly Archives: November 2015

I’ve just embarked on a Coursera course on Philosophy and the Sciences, presented by the University of Edinburgh (Thank you Coursera & University of Edinburgh).  Unfortunately I’m about seven weeks behind so it’s hard work catching up.  Ideas are presented simply and clearly and I’m hoping that this will help me to understand philosopher Quentin Meillassoux’s ideas better.

Continuing with the ‘random’ colour painting and still finding that greens are over-represented.  Why?  Maybe the average colour of the visible universe is actually green. It used to be thought that all the light in the universe averaged our at turquoise-green but more recent calculations indicate that it’s beige-white.  How disappointing and boring!  So I still don’t know why green is over-represented.

Averaging the random numbers generated for red (126), green (127) and blue (128) separately and then combining the red, green and blue in Photoshop produces:


Random colour generation has produced neutral grey. Probably to be expected if the random numbers generated were truly random and there were enough of them.

What’s happened to WordPress?  It seems to have changed.  Images can’t be magnified any longer.


Weirdly lots of green squares in this last painting session.


Visited Tate Britain to see the Frank Auerbach exhibition.  I enjoyed this exhibition much more than I was expecting.  Prodigious in output, Auerbach’s work is an exciting record of his artistic searching.  His working method sounds tortuous and obsessive.  He scrapes off the paint and starts again up to two hundred times before completing each painting!  I prefer the Tate’s exhibiton of Auerbach’s work  to John Hoyland’s work at Newport Street Gallery.   Auerbachs’ figurative paintings seems to be much more layered and interesting than Hoylands’ abstract paintings. Both are consumate colourists.

Also went to see Thomas Child’s photographs of Peking taken in the 1870’s.  I preferred the portrait photographs to the architectural ones.  Amazing historical glimpses of a completely different culture.  Some of the street scenes reminded me of the film Blade Runner.

Spent an evening at Concorde 2, Brighton watching Songhoy Blues performing.  Originally from Timbuktu, northern Mali they fled to Bamako to escape the radical islamist’s who overran their homeland.  Brilliant band, enjoyable music, great evening!