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Monthly Archives: August 2015

The art of contemporaneous erosion and deposition:

I’m preparing several canvases simultaneously, depositing copious amounts of gesso onto stretched linen.  Whilst the gesso is drying on the canvas I’m soaking fossiliferous samples of Beacon Limestone in water and gently brushing away the marly matrix to expose more of the fossil.


Preparing an ammonite specimen by eroding the marly matrix using water and a brush.


Preparing new canvases.

These are small reorganizations of the material world, contrary to the rules of entropy.


Pilsdon Pen

Pilsdon Pen, amazing Iron Age Hill fort in Dorset with unobstructed 360 degree view.

Day at The Witterings and Bracklesham looking for smooth hounds and fossils.

West Wittering was very busy with lots of people on the beach.  Walked out onto East Head and back along the beach. There are no Eocene outcrops here but numerous turitella fossils indicate that bedrock is not far away.

On to Bracklesham:  Field Trip Report


Bracklesham – Eocene reefs – four days before spring low tide – July 2015. Turitella packed glauconitic sands overly Venericor planicosta beds. Many of the bivalves are still articulated.