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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Painting almost finished.  Just a little bit of tweaking in the yellow areas to make them ‘shimmer’ and appear slightly ‘out of focus’.  This works well in the dark with just a spotlight on the painting.




I’ve just finished reading How to stop Living and Start Worrying by Simon Critchley.  I enjoyed the first half of the book but started to loose interest in the second half and found it a bit boring.  Also slightly boring was The conman, how one man figured out the art world & fooled the experts by Laney Salisbury & Aly Sujo.

I’ve been having a look round to find inspiring art exhibitions to visit in London and am finding the offerings a bit scant.  The RCA post-graduate shows are coming up. Perhaps these will be worth a visit?

I’ve been looking at the RCA website but am having a big problem reading the pages. The body of the text  is written in some horrible dense blocks of almost illegible font that rendered me dyslexic. Is this deliberate?  The only way I could find to read the website was to magnify the page! So come on RCA – you are supposed to be at the cutting edge of communication!!!

Here is an example of the RCA website from The School of Communication:

Head of Programme Welcome

An early morning photograph of the sky just south of London.


Writing in the sky.


Crop circles!  Spot the vehicle tracks leading in from the road.



One Our Father and Ten Hail Mary’s!




20150616 colour-invert


20150616 black and white


20150616 black and white inverted



‘What do Artists do all Day’.  Tracey Emin – interesting program in which Emin emphasises her ‘classical’ drawing training – she draws brilliantly.  Likewise friend who I visited today was talking about her grounding in drawing and painting.  This groundwork seems to be lacking in art colleges today.  I believe that these skills are just as important as the intellectual side of fine art studies.  Good observational skills are as important as creativity.