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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Serendipidy:  fortunate set of circumstances.  It was due to serendipidy I became aware of Patrick Reyntiens.  Patrick is one of the UK’s finest artist’s, a superb mark maker and colourists’ who deployed his talents in stained glass work.  Working with Patrick Heron, amongst others, he created the stained glass windows for Coventry Cathedral amongst many other sacred and secular commissions.


Sunset pm 20th December 2014.


Sunset 20th December 2014.


painting as performance 12

I’ve started using opaque colours on my painting to overcome streaking of the transparent colours.  Cadmium-lemon-yellow-orange and red.  I’ve yet to find a substitute for quinacridone.  Adding white just cools the colour too much.

I hope that the EU doesn’t ban cadmium pigments.  They’re irreplaceable.

Radio 4 – In Our Time – TRUTH, on now.  Errr……………. tie yourself in knots!

More fossils collected from Somerset.  Each group was collected in the hour before sunset.

After sunset on Saturday I saw some Geminid meteors about 11pm although the shower increased in intensity later in the night.



Fossils from a field near Ilminster


Fossils from a field near Kingstone


Ammonite (close up) showing evidence of barnacle attachment. This indicates that the ammonite lay on the seabed for a long time before being buried.


Stone with slickensides and quartz indicating close proximity of a fault.


Ilminster’s finest sticky mud!

Back to the basics:  philosophical materialism definition – “Materialism is a form of philosophical monism which holds that matter is the fundamental substance in nature, and that all phenomena, including mental phenomena and consciousness, are the result of material interactions.”

But what about dark matter?  There was a symposium, called Dark Materialism, on this and other stuff at Kingston University in 2011.

Oh dear, Slavoj Zizek you have defeated me.  I’ve been trying to read Absolute Recoil but I’m giving up!  Terminology in philosophy is a nightmare!  There are a thousand ways to say the same thing, all equally obtuse.  How do philosophers ever communicate with each other?  Give me science any day!!  Terry Eagleton reviews Absolute Recoil for The Guardian Newspaper.

Adrian Searles’s top ten art shows for 2014, HERE.

It seems to be a weekend of all things German.  First a visit to Tate Modern to see Alibis, an exhibition of Sigmar Polke’s artworks.  Then watched the super-long film Das Boot (the original uncut version) and also went to visit a German relative.  What links these three things?  Das Boot shows second world war submariners attacking the Atlantic convoys and being attacked themselves.  They end up in a dire situation but with calm efficiency and skill manage to extricate themselves before returning to base only to be obliterated by an air raid – how pointless!  Polke seems to be reacting against the discredited German Nazi machine.  The big unknown is why the German relative came and settled in the UK.  Were they reacting to Germany being discredited by the war and the Nazi’s?  We’ll probably never know as it’s a conversation that we cannot have.

Sigmar Polke, Alibis at Tate Modern, London.  Dazed and confused, that’s how I feel, about Polke’s artworks. Apparently this is a deliberate strategy employed by Polke but it left my orderly mind unsatisfied.  Clearly Polke can ‘produce the goods’.  “derangment of the senses, both chemically and optically, were always part of his game. All this could be tiresome, were not Polke’s restless energies capable of throwing up series and groups and individual works of such sublety, unexpected pleasures and ruminative, dark complexities”  according to Adrian Searle of The Guardian Newspaper in his review of Alibis.  I think Alibis is a good corrective – keep on trying, keep on learning, it doesn’t matter if things fail.  Worse than failure is being stuck in a rut!

A long day spent working on the grey background.  Should have moved the lights to prevent shadows – will re-photograph tomorrow.  Listened to Zizek lecture whilst working – boy can that guy talk!


Painting as performance 11