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Monthly Archives: August 2014

The Atlantic Rift is becoming very lively again.  Follow the action on volcano watcher, John Search’s news page.  There are some interesting links that explain what vulcanologists think is happening on the Askja volcano twitter feed.


One Man Two Guvnors at The Hawth Theatre in Crawley,  Not quite what I was expecting, a bit too slapstick for my liking but very well produced.  Charles Spencer of The Daily Telegraph wrote a very positive review of the London production.  

My new Somerset Geological Maps have revealed the extent of the Beacon Limestone.  Very restricted in outcrop.  I’m pleased to have a family member residing on this special formation.

WHAT THE EYE DOESN’T SEE THE HEART DOES GRIEVE OVER.  This must be so.  The eye doesn’t see galaxies on other astronomical objects but the camera does.  If we weren’t inquisitive why would we bother to investigate anything?

Accelerationism – At last I have found an explanation.

Marina Abramović: 512 Hours, at the Serpentine Gallery, London, review by Laura Cummings.  Laura Cummings describes her experience of 512 Hours very clearly.  She seems to have managed to stay longer in the gallery than I did.  I couldn’t leave the gallery fast enough.  My feeling of being controlled started right outside the Serpentine Gallery where there was a 30 minute queue.  But that was okay, I grew up in a queuing culture British people are conditioned to queue patiently.
My irritation started with being instructed to place all my belongings (apart from clothes and shoes) in a locker.  Then being silently handed a pair of earphones to wear.

On into the gallery WTF are the audience doing???  All standing in silence like a bunch of drones.  Pausing to take in the horrific scene I noticed gallery assistants selecting and guiding people to a low platform where the obediently stood stock still and in silence.  No way – I’m getting out as soon as I can.  I took a quick glimpse into the other two rooms, one with people in camp beds and the other with people who looked like they were playing the creeping childrens game where someone pretends to be a lion with their back turned and eyerone creeps forward until the ‘lion’ turns round.

Thinking about this show makes me feel very sad.  Unquestioning population doing whatever they were instructed to do.  Even Marina Abramovic shouldn’t be that powerful!

Intense day in London, yesterday.  Started the day with buying a new camera a Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 digital camera.  Then a visit to The Japan Centre, which has moved to Shaftesbury Avenue, to buy some pickled plums.  Great shop with all sorts of interesting goodies.

On to The Royal Academy to meet a fellow artist and visit the Summer Exhibition and ‘Radical Geometry.  The RA Summer Exhibition was horrible, as usual.  I almost can’t bear to be in the overstuffed rooms.  A most unpleasant experience!  This is a lesson in how not to display art.  In very stark contrast is Radical Geometry:  Modern art of South America exhibition, also at the Royal Academy.  Some excellent work and interesting to see how 20th century modernist practices pervaded South America.

Then on to the John Martin Gallery in Albermarle Street to see an exhibition  titled – Have We Met Before? 5 new painters. Three of the artists had studied at Wimbledon School of Art.  I liked all of the work in this show – I wonder why?  Maybe the work is closer to the ideas that I was introduced to when studying at Wimbledon.  Then went round the corner to The Gazelli Arthouse to see an exhibition of the work of James Ostrer called Wotsit all about.  This work made me chuckle.  It tackled the subject of ‘synthetic’ junk foods by ridiculing them.  There was also a couple of pieces in the gallery by Stanley Casselman interesting work by an artist from New York.  After that I went across to the Serpentine Gallery to see what Marina Abramovich was up to.  I had to queue for about thirty minutes.  When you go into the exhibition you have to leave all your bags, cameras, phones and watches in a locker.  Then you are given earphones to wear.  Inside are lots of people creeping around and gallery attendants leading people onto low platforms.  I found it weird and creepy and I did’nt like it at all, I could’nt get out of there fast enough.  I did’nt see the artist either although I was assured that she was there.  Stupid waste of time!

Lastly a visit to the BGS shop in The Natural History Museum to buy a couple of geological maps.

Big painting question is ‘How do we re-enchant Painting?’  See Bruno Bettelheim ‘The uses of enchantment’.

Works in progress:


Another ‘victim’ – I mean sitter!


Scaling up the pleiades to a metre squared.