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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Looking forwards to trying out Michael Harding’s Cremenitz white oil paint.  Having a look at Chiam Soutine‘s paintings.


Just back from a 200 mile cycle tour from St Malo to Caen.  Visited Bayeux and went to see the Bayeux Tapestry.  Fabulous example of political propaganda.

Trip trip London yesterday to see Titus Andronicus at The Globe Theatre.   Exciting venue and action packed play including an audience member fainting and sick bowls at the ready!

Also had a very swift visit to the National Portrait Gallery and the BP Portrait Award 2014.  Liked the portrait of who???????????? I can’t remember!!! I can see his face………….damn……………just remembered – Timothy Spall, can’t remember the artist’s name though.  Also the, mainly black image with pink figure titled – After The Fire, artist?

Bought a few art supplies in Cass Arts, including a tube of Creminitz White (Lucien Freud swore by this white paint).


Self-portrait looking like a demented homunculus.


Self-portrait looking like a demented homunculus – take 2.

I have just finished reading, The Self-Portrait a Cultural History, by James Hall.  Guardian writer Frances Spalding reviews Hall’s book HERE.  Artist’s production reflect cultural practices and beliefs and self-portraits seem to be no exception.  Self-portraits also reveal how artist’s see themselves within their culture.  A very well written, interesting and illuminating five star read.


Pleiades oil painting -oblique view reveals interesting surface details.


Pleiades oil painting -side view reveals interesting surface details.

The black areas are matt finish and the lighter areas are smother and shinier.

Pleiades scales - reversed


Ideas for a series of paintings.

Pleiades scales