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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Intense day of gallery visits in London beginning at Pace London, Burlington Gardens  where Kevin Francis Grey’s sculptures are being exhibited.   I really like Grey’s take on sculpting the human body.  This is my favorite artwork of the day but why do the figures look so dejected?  Just across the road Flowers Gallery in Cork Street had an exhibition of Peter Howson’s paintings – A Life.  The figures in Howson’s most powerful pictures are incredibly brutish and document Howson’s own struggles in his life.

Next gallery was Hauser and Wirth to see various works from the Onnasch collection.  Two of their three galleries are located in Savile Row and contain ‘iconic examples of Pop Art, Fluxus, Colorfield, Assemblage, Minimalism and Abstract Expressionism from the New York School of Art’.  Numerous works are presented but my favourite was Richard Serra’s ‘Do It’.


‘Do It’ by Richard Serra
courtesy of Hauser & Wirth

The massive steel rectangles look as if they are floating.  They are balanced, not fixed!  Amazing!!

On the way to see Peter Lanyon:  The Mural Studies at Gimpel Fils gallery we spotted an exhibition of Ivon Hitchins paintings.  Hitchins is one of my favourite painters, I love his use of colour and compositions.  Hitchin’s works are at Richard Green Gallery 33 New Bond Street.

Anna Barriball’s work is exhibited at Frith Street Gallery but oh dear – I don’t like it.  I found her previous works, intense graphite ‘rubbings’, more interesting.

Some of Stanley Spencer’s paintings are being exhibited at Somerset House ‘Heaven in the Hell of War’.  I’ve never liked his paintings and these paintings didn’t disappoint but there were two nice small self portraits on display.

Lastly, a second visit to  ‘Open Heart Surgery‘ exhibition on The Strand.  I’m still trying to persuade myself that these works hold promise.  I’ve even bought the book.  Zoe Pilger reviews this exhibition for The Independent newspaper HERE.


Beautiful crystal clear sky tonight – no moon.  Excellent views of Jupiter and three moons.  One moon is visible with the naked eye.  Then had a look at The Great Nebula in Orion.  Betelguise is also very clearly orange compared to the other stars.