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Monthly Archives: September 2013

And this is what happens when you put your graphite drawing into the washing machine…………………………………


Washed out drawing



spiders from mars - flash spiders from mars - no flash


I overcooked this drawing – damn!

Up at 4.00 am to see Jupiter + four moons, Castor and Pollux and Orion’s belt in a crystal clear sky (until the mist rolled in and then rolled out again).   Had hoped to have a look at Mars rising but it was too faint and too low on the horizon.  Then of  for a pre-dawn bicycle ride up the Downs, nice atmospheric low lying mists, but enjoyed a fantastic sunrise from the top of the Downs!

I recently returned to  my experimental drawing using graphite on a gessoed canvas base.   I’d overcooked this work and was trying to take it backwards to an earlier incarnation.  I’d forgotten how essential drawing is as a space to think.   A few more earthly things need sorting out then the  art can begin again in earnest.  It will be interesting to see if this summer’s fundamental life changes will have any effect on my artistic practice.

Good morning  Jupiter!  Up at 4.30 am to see Jupiter plus four moons.  Castor and Pollux and Orions belt.