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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Trip to London Galleries starting with Merlin James at Parasol unit.  A very mixed bag of paintings spanning almost thirty years.

Next up is Scat – Sonia Boyce: Sound and Collaboration. Wow – found the video triptych, For you, only you (2007), to be very powerful! As a very impatient person who rarely sits through artist’s videos this was a revelation. Thinking about it, this may be an issue of control. Sitting waiting to see how the images develop, I was ‘controlled’ by the work. With a painting, unless it sticks, you can come and go at will.

There is a 5 minute video of Sonia talking about Scat on Youtube.

Next venue was Herald Street to see Matt Connors paintings, Nice but eminently forgettable. Matt Connors website gives little away.

Lastly a visit to Matts Gallery to see Jordan Baseman’s latest work – Deadness. I usually like Jordan’s work but ‘Deadness’ didn’t work for me.

So two painters exhibitions versus two video based practices. I think that its probably much easier to ‘make your mark’ with new technology.

A picture of the moon taken through a telescope on Wednesday 19/06/2013


Link to tunnel section of Two Tunnels Ride, Bath HERE.

A series of speakers along the tunnel produced the sound.


Bath Tunnel Speaker

Weird tunnel (ex-railway) near Bath.IMG_0638

I’ll attempt to upload a video when I can find a compatible format.

Ogre Melodies were our neighbours for a couple of nights in Bath – check out their music!

I spent last Saturday examining the geology at Hooken Cliff, Branscombe. I found that the Upper Greensand and chalk outcrop here. The facies changes make this site unique. The Cenomanian sediment is represented by 0.2m of coral rich limestone rather than chalk at Beer Head, probably due to a tectonic axis according to Ian West on his excellent geological website.

Finally getting to grips with Turner and the Sublime.