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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Just paid a swift visit to Anthony Gormley’s exhibition, Model, at The White Cube Bermondsey. Gone are any organic shapes and instead the human figure is constructed of steel cubes and rectangles. Model is an immersive sculpture, so large that you can explore inside it after signing the health and safety disclaimer! Inside its mostly dark and feels like being down a mine. How can such blocky shapes be so organic?


Ancient galaxy may be the oldest ever seen – news from the Hubble Space Telescope. Light from the edge of the Universe – almost!

Just read Jar City by Arnaldur Indridason, the film is fairly close to the story in the book. In the back of the book are resumes of some of Indridason’s other books including The Draining Lake. Bradley Grievson’s picture Draining Lake is in the Rockby Gallery at the moment. Knowing the origin of the title of the painting helps me to understanding the artwork. Should paintings speak for themselves? How much should the title be part of the work? Should a title be part of the work at all? Is Indridason a nihilist? No because in his world (Iceland) bad things happen but life goes on.

Lomography I like the photographs with weirdly saturated hues, article in The Financial Times.


Eskimo nebula painting 08122012 – work in progress

Been doing a lot of work on this painting, building it up slowly, layer by layer. Very slow process. I’ve been trying to stick to the translucent colours indian yellow, alizarine crimson and ultramarine. I found that I have to add a little titanium white sometimes to add a bit of ‘body’ or to lighted the pigment. This process tends to ‘cool’ the colours. I’ve occasionally been using a little bit of lamp black paint but this doesn’t yield a ‘true’ black. Mixing the primaries usually gives a better result. Lamp black tends to be a ‘warm’ black.

Visit to the Rain Room at The Barbican London. Despite arriving early there was a one and a half hour queue. There was a warning about dark clothes getting wet. Unfortunately there were enough large drops of water landing on us to spoil the magic. Dissapointing.


Rain Room, The Barbican, London

On to the Rokeby Gallery to see the Inshore Fishing exhibition. This is a brilliant little exhibition with just enough work to look at and contemplate without being overwhelmed. A good introduction to artist Bradley Grievson. Just wondering what it is about Peter Lanyon’s art that makes it look like art ‘of its time’ and not contemporary. Exhibition is one of a series examining the role of modernism in contemporary art.

Quick visit to Frith Street Gallery to see Dayanita Singh’s photographs. The mode of display (installation) was more interesting than the individual photographs.