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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Short field trip to Newhaven revealed fresh cliff falls along a fault to the west of the harbour. There is an excellent description of this section of the chalk contained in the Geological Conservation Review HERE. The Geological Conservation Review looks like a very valuable resource as it contains lists and descriptions of classic geological locations – well worth studying.

Fossils and flint collected from beach at Newhaven

Graham Harman considers Meillassoux’s “death” argument in After Finitude in his blog. At the moment I seem to be a strong correlationist although both Meillassoux and Badiou seem to argue that you can access reality mathematically??

TV programme – Order and Disorder: “Professor Jim Al-Khalili investigates one of the most important concepts in the world today – information. He discovers how we harnessed the power of symbols, everything from the first alphabet to the electric telegraph through to the modern digital age. But on this journey he learns that information is not just about human communication, it is woven very profoundly into the fabric of reality.”

Information is always embodied in a physical system it can never be divorced from the physical world. Information obeys the same laws of physics as everything else in the universe. Information can be transformed into binary digits – single zeros and ones are the fundamental elements of information binary digits = bits. The physical world is therefore fundamental to ideas because ideas use information. Therefore, there can be no such thing as an idealist!

Meanwhile work continues (slowly) on the Eskimo Nebula painting:


Eskimo nebula oil painting in progress.


Still contemplating about speculative realism. Have resumed painting.