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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Visit to the BP Portrait Award 2012.  My first and second choices were Tony
by Elizabeth Thayer and The Dialects Of Silence (Portrait of Michael Longley) by Colin Davidson.


How would terrestrial photographs appear if they were filmed using astronomical techniques? For example could you image a fart!

Also – don’t all the waves from the electromagnetic spectrum captured by astronomical telescopes interfere with each other?

I’m playing Dido’s lament three times simultaneously but starting at different points – my computer doesn’t like it – too much memory usage. The basic music is still discernible.

Visit to the Royal Society Summer Exhibition. I was particularly interested in the Probing our cosmic origins with ALMA designed to observe star and planetary formation in our own galaxy. Looking further into space is the Herschel telescope looking into the infrared and beyond.

James Elkins was talking at the National Gallery as part of the ‘Encounters: Writers on Writing about Art‘ series.

Saturday visit to the Hannah Peschar Gallery


Sculpture at the Hannah Peschar Garden

Fugitive pigments

Holy show

Running of empty

Where is my white leather?