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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Garden of Eden or scene from the Antichrist?



Painting in Progress! Black Hole


Painting in Progress! Pollux

I made a mistake with ‘Black Hole’ and started with the pencil grid being too defined. It’s taking many layers of paint to subdue the pencil grid! Apologies for lens distortions but my Photoshop filter does not seem to have loaded when I reinstalled the software.

I’ve been listening to Michael Sandel’s excellent Harvard Lecture series – clear and concise – they’re helpful for linking philosophical positions to everyday life.

Here is a link to John Caputo’s philosophical lecture list from Syracuse?
(Helpful for attempting to unpick contemporary Continental Philosophy)

Still working on oil paintings – Black Hole and Pollux – many layers of oil paint, each takes longer to dry than the previous layer due to increased amounts of oil in paint. Currently waiting for previous paint layers to dry. Slo…………………….wly.

Started the preliminary work for some observational paintings – triptych of three shells.

Gouache prototypes:


Triptych - shell -1


Triptych - shell -2


Triptych - shell - 3

Crucifixion, Channel 4 reveals crucifixion artwork by Gunther von Hagens. Why? This ‘artwork’ did not work. When messing with an icon you need to transcend the powerful iconography. Von Hagen’s work totally failed in this regard. The artwork just looked like a poor, amateur copy of the crucifixion – it could have been so much more but it needed more intelligent artistic handling. What was von Hagen’s rationale behind this work? Why did he use plasticized blood vessles and ‘bones’? None of these questions were answered making the whole enterprise look like an exercise in ‘I did it just because I could’.

Cycling across time Redhill to Brighton via Horsham and Steyning. First part of trip you cycle backwards in time from the Lower Greensand, down into the Weald Clays then the Tunbridge Wells Sand (approximately 112 million years ago to 130 million years ago).

Horsham lies on the axis of the Weald Anticline.

Travelling southwards from Horsham you start to climb back up the geological column . From the Tunbridge Wells Sand you soon encounter Weald Clays, quite a broad expanse, followed in quick sucession by Lower Greensand, Gault, Upper Greensand then onto the Chalk of the South Downs. (approximately 130 million years ago to 83 million years ago)

Ages of sediments can be seen on this excellent stratigraphic column chart.

Went to see Picasso and Modern British Art last week at Tate Britain. This exhibition explores how incredibly influential Picasso was to 20th century art in Britain by examining the work of Duncan Grant, Wyndham Lewis, Ben Nicholson, Henry Moore, Francis Bacon, Graham Sutherland and David Hockney.

Is there any contemporary artist who wields that amount of influence?

In the meantime I’m continuing with two oil paintings ‘Black Hole’ and ‘Pollux’. Both paintings are fiddly and many layered. Progress is slow. I’m waiting for paint to dry – maybe I should use a siccative? I need to find a reading group to help decipher some of my current reading material.