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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Beyond Ballet Russes – Programme 2.

Ballet is not ‘my thing’ – I find expression using the body difficult to understand. Ballet is highly symbolic and I don’t really understand the symbolism.

Beyond Ballets Russes Pays homage to Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes. Picasso worked closely with Diaghilev, designing sets and costumes. He married one of Diaghilev’s dancers, Olga Khokhlova.


Work in progress


Oil painting 'Black Hole'



Dalya Alberge takes a dig at Hirst et al. in the Independent Newspaper.

Well well – here is the chief of the ‘cult of personality’
Grayson Perry taking a pop at the YBA’s.

Visited the Retrospective exhibition of the paintings of Jessie Mahtani at the Guildford House Gallery yesterday. Jessie’s beautiful paintings embody ‘time’ in a very literal sense. Jessie’s work reminds me of the artworks of Gwen John. Gwen John also studied at the Slade and then in Paris.

Went to see The Stranglers at G Live, new venue in Guildford. very disappointing – band completely lacked stage presence – they seemed to be ‘going through the motions’. It was more entertaining watching some of the Strangler’s fans in raptures! The Popes – a supporting band were good though.

I read Waldemar Januszczak’s ‘Why Damien’s a small fish in Germany‘ article in the Sunday Times 18th March 2012 (no link). Januszczak queries why there are no British artist’s in this year’s Documenta. He blames the YBA for comodifying art and undermining its intellectual integrity!

Work on my new painting “Black Hole” continues slowly. I’ve spent a lot of time watching paint dry! Should use a siccative – but will the paint crack? Time to do some theory.

I have just read The Man with a Blue Scarf by Martin Gayford. As an insight into Freuds’, ideas, attitudes, mindset and working practices this book is superb. I’m hoping to visit the Lucian Freud Portraits exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery soon.

Yesterday and today were the two lowest spring tides of the year at Herne Bay. Perfect conditions for collecting fossil sharks teeth. Fine weather with high white cloud, air pressure of 1038 millibars, a cool north westerly breeze and a low tide of 0.8m. The ‘Island’ was visible but not high and dry. Two youngsters waded the short distance across to it but filled up their wellies in the process. The ‘Island’ is supposed to yield the best sharks teeth. I have found that digging and sieving is the most productive way of searching for sharks teeth. Professional collectors seem to concentrate digging and seiving the Thanet/Reading-Woolwich boundary (‘Beltinge Fish Bed’).


Fossil sharks teeth from Herne Bay

Next stop was Margate’s Turner Contemporary Gallery to see the Turner and the Elements exhibition. Excellent exhibition – Turner was a genius artist.

Back on line again after a power cut blew our wireless network out. Went to the theatre to see Warhorse at the weekend. Weak story but the horse puppets were extraordinary. Also went to visit Molly Verity’s embroidery Exhibition at Art Matters, Redhill. Loved Molly’s work so I bought some!

Reading What Painting is by James Elkins.

My painting continues – slowly.