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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Jeremy Deller: Middle Class Hero.

A Culture Show Special & David Hockney: The Art of Seeing, BBC Two. I think the most interesting part of Hockney’s show “David Hockney RA: A Bigger Picture” are his multi-camera films. During the The Art of Seeing programme Hockney refers to image making in film – The Ship Sails On by Fellini.

New painting started.

"Black Hole"


BBC 2 Lucian Freud: Painted Life. A very informative round up of Lucien Freud’s life. Freud viewed and painted people as animals – humans are simply animals – not in any ‘special’ category of being (but what about conciousness?) (ref. philosopher Graham Harman ??). That is the fundamental proposition of Freud’s art.

I have just come across Lucian Freud: Filming with the Artist a BBC blog written by Randall Wright. “Making a painting was the most important thing anyone could try to do, if they were to get close to the essence of things, to approach an absolute truth.”

Been to Pallant House Gallery, Chichester to see the Edward Burra Exhibition. Most of his work is watercolour – but looks like oil painting. His pictures are seriously weird.

Just read The Art of Not Making by Michael Perry. This is a good round-up of contemporary artists whose ideas are realized by specialist makers. The creativity resides in the idea not the material object(s). Interview with Angela de la Cruz p187- too the point – no bulls**t.

I like the rhythm of reading and thinking alternating with planning and making rather than just thinking and planning. Also I’m control freak and perfectionist. The subjective made objective made subjective again by the viewer thinking about the work.

Reading theory books on Meillassoux atm. Also been trying unsuccessfully to make larger stretchers – its too cold to work outside although the snow has gone from the table in the garden. Looking on the Hubble website for a new image to work with.


NGC4261 image from the Hubble site - dusty centre of galaxy with a massive black hole off centre