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Gallery visits:

David Hockney at the Royal Academy – enormous multi-part canvases. Crude painting and colours – shouting loudly but somehow they work together. I particularly liked the mountain scenes – they really did evoke the feeling of being in the mountains. This show was very busy making it difficult to see the work properly. (Brian Sewell hates it)

The London Art Fair 2012 pictures courtesy of The Telegraph, I didn’t see any of these artworks! All I saw was the same old same old boring stuff with a few bright spots like Ivon Hitchens.


Damien Hirst at the Gagosian Gallery, 17-19 Davies Street London. this exhibition was a waste of shoe leather IMO! Though a very nice and helpful gallery attendant copied the press release for us – a welcome act of kindness!

James Hyman Gallery, 5 Saville Row, London. Basil Beattie – Oh dear Basil, I want to like your lovely large paintings but I don’t – maybe they just seem dated.

Sean Sculley, Change and Horizontals at the Timothy Taylor Gallery. I loved this work – all of it, I think I appreciate a sense of order. Plus the colours of the paintings.

Vigo Gallery, Mathew Collings and Emma Biggs, Kilamanjaro. I liked this work very much, again a sense of order that I appreciate. Just wondering about methods of production – many assistants must have produced this. Also, at what point does work tip over into just being decorative “wallpaper”?


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