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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Painting progressing slowly – Christmas break allowed the paint to dry.


painting progressing


Underpainting - Bright Star

Visited the Greengrassi Gallery yesterday to look at the Tomma Abts exhibition. Prefer her paintings to her drawings. Paintings are small 38cm x 48cm but very detailed and intense. They must have been very carefully painted using lots of masking techniques. The profile of the paint makes some of the paintings look like collages. Parts of some paintings look as if they’ve been airbrushed.


Tomma Abts painting at the Greengrassi Gallery

December -eek – how did it get to be December so quickly?

Painting bright star based on A short introduction to astronomical image processing Hubble Image – Colour image compiled from red, green and blue filter black and white images. Hoping that painting will not end up looking like a mosaic.


Painting - oil on canvas 21" x 21" work in progress

I’ve been trying to build a metre square stretcher, even with strengthening cross bars and using my new mitre clamps it didn’t work 😦 Oh well – back to the drawing board!