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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Reading the writings of James Elkins (thanks Carol) Elkins has written a series of articles available in the Huffington Post. He refers to images in the Google Art Project.


Visit to London Galleries yesterday.

Royal Academy – Saw Tatlin’s tower in the forecourt.
Tatlin’s Tower Information.

Waddingtons, Cork Street to see Ian Davenport’s puddle paintings which are really colourful. I was interested to see that he uses acrylics, rather than enamel paints. Most paintings are on steel panels which have been painted with various ground colours. Many images comprise more than one panel joined together – each panel often having a different ground colour. Panels were mounted onto aluminium backing frames. this work must have been executed vertically and the paintings cut away from excess paint spreading onto the floor. there were also a couple of paper paintings floated behind glass.

Must go and see Davenport’s work under Southwark Bridge.

Next was Frith Street Gallery to see Marlene Dumas’s exhibition Forsaken. These paintings vary in size and differ from her previous work in that many are portraits of famous people. The canvases are stapled along the edges and the paintings are overdrawn with black paint to emphasise the outlines. There are several crucifixion images but I prefer the portraits.

Lastly a visit to Pilar Corrias Gallery to see Charles Avery’s latest exhibition ‘Place de la Revolution’. I am finding his work less interesting than I used to. The drawings are very well executed but I prefer to exercise my imagination reading a book!

Thinking about why I like the Courtauld exhibitions best – they are less didactic and take a more human angle than Tate Exhibitions. Eg. Toulouse Lautrec and Jane Avril – my favourite.

digital image

Serc V JPEG image of Pillar of Creation

This SERC V image is a black and white digital image of the ‘Pillar of Creation’. this is the basis of my recent paintings.

I’ve found that Google Chrome conflicts with Photoshop.

Found a lens distortion tool in Gimp today. Hooray – its very easy to use. Photoshop still playing up!

Currently working on three 14″ x 14″ canvases. I chose this size because analogue photographs from the Schmitt telescope used to be 10″ x 10″ or 14″ x 14″. All grid are divisible by 4.

Canvas 1
Graphite lines are ruled on to a primed canvas. The original grid was 3cm x 3 cm. This was fixed and overpainted with gesso. The next layer up – the lines were ruled closer together, fixed and re-gessoed. This continued for several layers with the lines getting closer and closer for each subsequent layer. Once the lines were at approximately the same frequency as the warp and weft of the linen canvas I ceased to use the gesso layers and just continued to fix and build up another grid layer. Work continues.


Graphite Drawing


Graphite drawing detail

Canvas 2
Oil on canvas. This work is based on a jpeg of galaxy NGC 7814 as imaged by the Schmitt telescope.


NGC 7814 jpg - Oil Painting


NGC 7814 jpg - oil painting - detail

Canvas 3
Image based on a jpeg image of The Pillar of Creation. Currently experimenting with effects of painting light over dark versus dark over light.


Acrylic Painting based on a jpeg of The Pillar of Creation


Detail of Pillar of Creation painting

I enjoyed Gerhard Richter at Tate Modern best although it was an epic. Feels like I’ve been up all night thinking about it. I think it’ll help me to find a way forward. Charles Darwent of The Independent Newspaper reviews the exhibition HERE.

White Cube Bermondsey is amazing. The building is fantastic – no expense spared. Finished to a very high standard & must have cost a bomb. It’s the epitome of the ‘white cube’ as an art space. Signage is so minimal – I found the toilet just by chance. The show, Structure and Absence, reflected the space – mostly large and a lot of greyscale. Many inkjet prints – but nice work. I liked the Chinese scholar stones.

The Jerwood Drawing Prize Exhibition seemed a bit puny.

Went to see Wilko Johnson playing in Brighton last night. Wow – this guy is amazing, Norman Watt Roy the Bass player is something else as well.

Guest Projects – Went to see Peter’s work at this venue. Peter’s work was entirely in the spirit of the Guest Project venture. Interesting to see the work and to chat about it with Peter.

Stayed at Pevensey Levels – superb weather – mist rolling down from the Downs in the evening, very atmospheric. Cycled 100 miles. Unseasonally warm. Visited Pevensey Castle and Herstmonceux Observatory and Art Deco Architectual treasure, the De La Warr Pavillion to see the David Hockney doh! Andy Warhol Exhibition, part of The Artist Rooms project.