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Monthly Archives: July 2011




Bouncing sun. Looking at how iconic Hubble photographs are compiled – thinking about how to translate this into painting. Experimenting with transparent layers of oil paint – using glazing medium and cobalt drier as a siccative.


I want one!

An audience for your work? Does it matter? I would say no it doesn’t matter at all. My artworks reference the arche-fossil (Meillassoux), things that existed before human beings ever evolved. Nobody was ever around to see these things so why should it be necessary for anyone to see my artwork?

Been away camping in Dorset – returned just before the rain set in! We stayed at Monkton Wylde – brilliant campsite on the top of a hill. It was very hilly for cycling! Visited Charmouth and examined the Black Ven outcrops to the west and Jurassics to the east. the whole area has been picked over extensively and has been depleted of fossils. The Belemnite marls outcrop just to the west of Seaton and its possible to pick up loose pebbles stuffed with belemnites on the beach.


Ammonites in Black Ven marl, Charmouth, Dorset

Heard about the Jerwood selection today – no luck. It’s disappointing but I’m still pleased with the work.

One piece of work submitted to the Jerwood Drawing Prize. Now re-named ‘The Edge of Infinity’.

Now thinking about how to translate ideas into oil paint. Making stretchers.