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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Time does not exists. How can it exist if it has no actual being? I have just finished reading Julian Barbour‘s book ‘The End of Time’ which I bought in 1999, when it was first published, but I never read it. Barbour’s’ ideas facilitate unification of classical and quantum physics by abolishing time. Time is an illusion – a phenomenon of conciousness to deal being in the world. What are fossils? Barbour says that they are ‘time capsules’?? A special record of many different ‘nows’. Need to look at Marcus de Sautoy and wave theory.



travelling to the island


the island(s)

Thinking about new work. Feeling that I should write a short essay to clarify my ideas: Meillasssoux and Time? Have discovered OOO Object Orientated Ontology – Graham Harman – seems to address problems of scale. Use mirrors/graphite/grids – questions of scale?


Searching for fossil sponges in the chalk at Seaford

Went fossil hunting in Betchworth yesterday. I was hoping to find some fossil sponges but no luck, only found a few unsuitable odds and ends.

Finished reading Ray Brassier‘s Nihil Unbound and with Caputo‘s help I’m beginning to understand Brassier’s ideas. I think Brassier’s hypothesis have more clarity than Meillassoux‘s proposals and I therefore prefer Brassier. Brassier: “[E]xistence is worthless,” he writes, “and nihilism is … the unavoidable corollary of the realist conviction that there is a mind-independent reality which … is indifferent to our existence and oblivious to the ‘values’ and ‘meanings’ which we would drape over it in order to make it more hospitable.”