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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Field trip to Herne Bay yesterday to collect 54 million year old sharks teeth.


Lowest spring tide reveals fossil bearing Beltinge Beds


Susan Hiller at Tate Britain, Watercolour at Tate Britain and Gabriel Orozco at Tate Modern.

Urbanomic on, New York to London and back – the Medium of Contingency, at the Thomas Dane Gallery.
Talking to the gallery staff member was very helpful. She explained how some of the artworks were conceived, helpful for appreciating how the work could be read as contingent. Gareth James’ work made most sense but Quaytman‘s was my favourite piece of work.


Gareth James's work - title ?

Stelzaker, at the Whitechapel Gallery – trying to decide if this work has deeper meaning or is he just a skilful craftsman? Too much work hung, the exhibition should have been pared down.