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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Visited Phoebe Unwin show at Wilkinson Gallery. Venue very hard to locate. Unfriendly, large doors with a very small sign. Phoebe – I’m confused about your work? Also visited Thomas Dane Gallery, NEW YORK TO LONDON AND BACK – The Medium of Contingency followed by a discussion on The Medium of Contingency. Reza Negarestani, Iranian philiosopher and author of Cyclonopedia: Complicity with Anonymous Materials, will joined the talk via live link from Malaysia – very weird. Lots of ground covered, lots of food for thought.


Reading, reading and more reading. Listened to Caputo‘s lectures on After Finitude and Nihil Unbound. It all seems to be about scale, the micro-humanistic scale versus the macro-cosmic. Brassier’s ideas seem to be clearer, to me, than Meillassoux’s.

Visited the Turner Prize – disappointed – I cannot even remember exactly why. Went to Lisson gallery to see Carmen Herrera and Peter Joseph. Herrera’s work – poor – modernist – dissonant colours – geometric – poorly executed. Paintings looked like they hadn’t been taken care of. Preferred Josephs’ work – more organic and sensitive.

Futuremap 2010 – “Showcasing the finest talent from University of the Arts London.” The Zabludowicz Collection is a poor venue in an awkward place. There were too many people there and it was difficult to move around, especially along the narrow corridors to the rooms at the back. Eun’s and Dari’s excellent work stood out.

Binoculars on a Tripod Mounting. This worked well. Very exciting to see craters on the moon and identify Orion’s Belt a few days ago. Saw smudgy are of M42 galaxy, 1.3 kly distant.

Thinking about heat and entropy.