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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Everywhere I have ever lived – map composite – compressing time and space. Idea due to a printing error.


Visiting, NASA Extragalactic Database, to identify more cosmological objects approximately 46-47 Million Light Years away from Earth.

The Unilever Series: Ai Weiwei
Tate Modern 12 October 2010 – 2 May 2011
Make piece of art for everyone in the world?
Would this be possible? What could you make?
How long would it take?

World Population estimated at 7051588129 as of 12/10/10 11.03am

The counter continues to tick up.

Visited Bracklesham Bay to catch the spring low tide, high pressure and offshore wind. When the when the fossiliferous beds are revealed to their maximum extent. But the beach was still deep in sand and exposure is minimal.
Not many Venericor but large Nummulites and a few Ostrea.

Enjoyed Anticipation at Selfridges Ultralounge, very interesting show & ideas. Painters are in the minority. Also went to visit Dark Matter at Sundaypainters – Peckham, this show was entirely painters, also interesting ideas. Two very different venues, both with no windows.

Third exhibition – astronomy photographer of the year 2010 at Royal Observatory Greenwich. Amazing photographs of deep space like the Hubble Images but captured from Earth!

I am currently sorting out and re-reviewing my MA work. I feel I’ve been on a long journey. Reviewing the work I’ve realised that the journey has taken me to Simon Critchley‘s ‘Great Outdoors’. Some of the works I considered to be abject failures were actually turning points – especially ‘Chalk/flint faces’.

Ben Rubin and Mark Hansen’s “Listening Post allows its audience to eavesdrop on the online world. Sampling text from thousands of chatrooms, message boards and forums, the artists have created a huge display that attempts to “hear the internet””. (BBC) Emergent behaviour = art.


Listening Post (BBC website)

Dark Noise
Leaf Noise