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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Compiling layered graphite drawings referencing compilations. How to incorporate Venericardita planacosta? Considering how this fossil would appear if it were ‘photographed ‘ by the instrumentation used to compile galactic ‘images’ – infrared, radio gamma etc. Maybe compile layered drawings of imagined result.


Went up to London yesterday to visit the BP Portrait 2010 award with Caroline. Still think most of the work is a bit dissapointing but a few things warranted closer inspection. Then bought some more guilding materials at Cass Art – I love guilding – its a pity I can’t incorporate it into the work. Looked at interior of St Martin in the Fields – boring horrible dark & white inside. Up to the British Museum – so crowded but looked at some modes of display and saw the “pills sewn into netting display – very interesting idea – a bit of a shock – so many pills. Across to Natural History Museum & visited the vault – had a close look at mineral mountings.

Today I had a tutorial with Geraint which went quite well. The drawings are on track but I’m going to scale them up and display less.
Still not sure what to do with the fossils & urgently need to think of titles.

Went to the Whitchapel Gallery to see Alice Neel‘s work. Enjoyed the (long) biographical film. Her work is a bit inconsistent. then went on to see the BP Portrait award – v. dissapointing. Too many photographic style hyperreal paintings. Still working on cosmological compilations. Thinking about almanac style folio. Essay was handed in on Monday horray – now I can read Nihil Unbound. We were allocated our spaces – mine is 2nd floor and split into two bays.

Looking at church supplies – incense, altars and altar linens.

Gold Leaf?


The biggest flint I've ever seen!

I’ve been away on holiday, cycling in France around the Avenue Vert – fantastic cycle track near Dieppe. Even cycling on roads is good, nice even surfaces, gradients are sublime, no steep bits or kickers and much less traffic than SE England. Weather fantastic. I havn’t been thinking about art at all.

I finished and printed my dissertation today.

Now I have to do some real art!

Essay finished – just need to create contents page, cover, print & write to CD. Thinking about MA show and wondering about using an altar for display. Maybe astronomical drawings displayed like stations of the cross – 14 stations? Arc of the covenant? Jennet Thomas‘s influence. Need to investigate eclesiastical stuff.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Rage Against the Machine. Essay mastercopy corrupted, backup copy corrupted, copy on webmail corrupted. Thank God for open as a webpage option on Webmail – copy and paste back to a new document & reformat – could have been worse! I’ve posted my essay here as well for extra security but reading it in WordPress is useful because it adds an extra layer of detachment.

Reading Diana Athill, Instead of a Letter, inspired after seeing her on Imagine this week.