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Monthly Archives: June 2010

We went to visit RCA Painting & Sculpture Exhibition on Friday
then on to see Saachi Gallery. Not finding very much inspiration
at the moment but my essay is 99% finished hooray!

Edwina suggested looking at Hamad Butt – the Familiars
and Ansuman Biswas.


Almost finished essay

Saw studio space today – its bigger than I thought! Had a tutorial with Geraint -still hav’nt resolved idea. Geraint suggested museum visit to see how 3-D & 2-D displayed. He also suggested utilising the actual collecting of material (photos?) but I don’t want to do this because I want it to be about the idea of time. Was thinking about utilizing numerals again. Venericardita planicosta lived 16 992 100 000 days ago. (days per year = average 367). Now feeling very rattled.

Finished reading about Tolkein – Lord of the Rings = grand narrative = modernism c/f Avery no grand narrative, now on to Mick Jagger‘s biography. Back at Bracklesham to collect more fossils. Loads of nummulites & venericardita, outcrops obscured by sand. Photos developed at Jessops by c41 process – results are an interesting sepia colour – prefer these to digital.


the last ever venericardita?

Reading Tolkeins biography and thinking about Lord of the Rings and other worlds. Also need to complete black & white film and get it developed. Thinking about Friday’s tutorial. I have nearly finished my dissertation. I’m sticking to 5000 words, I’ve decided not to extend to 7000, there’s only 10% in the marks anyway.

Emailed Professor Ian Smail at Durham. He pointed out some confusion in the email wording so I’ve ammended the first sentence. He has given me a light year = parsec conversion figure. Virgo is where I need to look. He also explained the use of false colour in image making and mentioned the Cambridge Atlas of Galaxies which approached colour composition from a different standpoint. I hope to track down this rare and expensive volume. Thinking about revisiting Bracklesham.

Wondering about using an irregular photograph composite format from drawings. with or without a border?

I emailed some astronomy questions to Professor Jim Emerson of Queen Mary College London and he sent the answers back to me today. Thanks to Professor Emerson for the useful and speedy reply. I’m finding astronomy fascinating – must not get sidetracked!

Reading The Gates of Janus, Serial Killing and its Analysis, by the ‘Moors Murderer’, Ian Brady. Is it a bad thing to read this? I think it might be a bad thing because it feels a bit conspiratorial.

Spoke to Edwina about extending my essay at the MA exam meeting yesterday. She will only consider this with Amanda’s approval so I’ve emailed Amanda. Not sure if this is a good idea or not but I’m enjoying the research. Back to the dissertation…………..starting to feel unreal again. What is reality??