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Soutine’s works are coming to the Courtauld!  19th October 2017 – 21st January 2018.  One of my favourite artists.  I can’t wait to see these.


22nd August 2017 Watercolour and acrylic

I recently watched Solaris (1972), the original Russian version and Solaris (2002) the American version.  Both are based on Stanislaw Lem’s science fiction novel, Solaris.  The 1972 film is extremely long but a much more satisfying experience, asking lots of interesting philosophical questions.  The 2002 version seems to have lost much of the quality of enquiry and become just another ‘tale’.

I’ve ordered some new stretcher bars from Russell & Chapple and am getting impatient waiting for them to arrive.

In the meantime I’ve been doing my Wealden Geology homework:

9781444367119: Field Guide to Fossils Number 14: English Wealden Fossils (Palaentology FG Fossils)

Had a fantastic day out at Smokejack Brickpit.  In the 1980’s a new species of dinosaur Baryonyx walkerii was discovered here.  The lower Wealden sediments here are quarried for brickmaking.  The pit is designated as an SSSI, from the designation document:

“The site consists of a pit in the lower Weald Clay Group, probably near the Hauterivian-Barremian boundary. Important for depositional environments and faunas, its dark to light grey and brown clays with siderite concretions have yielded insects, ostracods, molluscs, fish, articulated and disarticulated bones of reptiles, and numerous gastroliths.”

The depositional environment was lagoonal so many different facies are represented.   The fossil bones that I collected were from a thin, dark, carbonaceous seam near the top of the pit.



All the pieces of fossilized bone that I collected from Smokejack Brickpit. I’ve been able to join some pieces using superglue. Now awaiting identification from the experts at The Natural History Museum.

Of all the different bits of bone the piece below is likely to be diagnostic.


Smokejack Brickpit, Ewehurst, Surrey.

Ace trip to Smokejack Brickpit, Ewehurst, Surrey yesterday.  Found several pieces of fossilized bone.  Dinosaur or crocodile?  Need to get them ID’d.

Visited an exhibition called Abstract Remix at The New Arts Project, London.  From the press section of The New Arts Project website,

“Emma Hart and Mat Collishaw: this week’s best UK exhibitions”

To me this reads as Emma Hart and Mat Collinshaw are recommending Abstract Remix rather than their exhibitions being recommended by Jonathan Jones of The Guardian.

Most of the artist’s use slick modern materials like epoxy resin.   A big surprise was that Markus Linnenbrink’s artwork Whatevawillbe had indentations rather than projections. Did I like this exhibition?   I was attracted by the colours of Linnenbrink’s art which were very bright and appealing but most of the work had a rather ‘manufactured by machine’ appearance that I didn’t like.   I prefer stuff to look more man made and the process more obvious.

Also went to see Chris Olifili, Weaving Magic at The National Gallery.  Having seen the BBC Imagine programme about Olifili conceiving and realizing this work I was keen to see it for myself.  Here it is:  very reminiscent of a stained glass church window.  Strange references collide.  Christianity – stained glass windows.  Hindu – the drawings on the walls and Tapestry weaving – medieval European.  All made by someone who is of Nigerian heritage, brought up in the UK and lives in Trinidad!  A real cross cultural mix that has been realized into something magical.


Neptune’s Tears

I listened to Behind the Scenes on BBC Radio 4 this morning.  Choreographer Crystal Pite makes Flight Pattern her profound dance for the Royal Ballet.  What an interesting and talented person she clearly is!  I would like to have seen this performed but sadly I’m too late.  I was particularly intrigued by her descriptions of finding a language to express the refugee’s story.  It’s no different to any other creative endeavor except that the medium is time based and the materials are people, their clothes and the space that they work in. The tension between creativity and practicality was also fascinating.


21st July 2017